Recovery and The family

The disease of addiction and alcoholism does not just affect the person using it also effects everyone who is a part of the addict or alcoholic’s life. These people usually tend to be the family of the person using or drinking. Recovery and the family are very interconnected because as the addict or alcoholic begins to recovery the family can choose to recover too or they may just remain the same. This adds a whole new dynamic to recovery when you are having to deal with an entire family of people who are sick, may be co-dependent on the addict or alcoholic, and have been dealing with chaos for a long time.

As the alcoholic or addict begins to find recovery the family has outlets for themselves so they can begin to recover from the damage too. Whether it’s through therapy or 12 step programs such as AL-Anon the family can learn to rebuild for themselves. Just as the addict and alcoholic finds recovery on their own so can the family. This can begin building a healthier dynamic within the family ties and can build a better environment for the addict or alcoholic their selves.

Addicts and alcoholics cause a lot of pain, fear and anger within the people they are closest to. This can cause a lot of built up emotion that can begin to surface as the addict and alcoholic starts their journey into recovery. These emotions need to be dealt with in a healthy manner in order for the family not to damage themselves or risk the addict and alcoholic’s recovery. The disease of alcoholism and addiction has a major impact on families. It has a bigger impact than even some families realize. That is why it is good for the families of addicts and alcoholics to get as much education on the disease of alcoholism and addiction as they can. Educational groups, along with self help groups and therapy can severely help the entire begin to heal their entire dynamic.

Recovery and the family allows the addict and alcoholic to effectively communicate with their loved ones, break co-dependent ties, and begin having healthy relationships again. The addict and alcoholic never means to cause as much havoc as they have and they truly don’t wish to hurt the people in their lives. The truth of the matter is the addict and alcoholic has a disease that must be treated and understood by those closest to them. This allows for everyone to be on the same page while recovery and the family begin their journey. Recovery is a journey, a journey for the entire family not just the addict and alcoholic. It is good if everyone has their own ways of coping and dealing with the disease of addiction and alcoholism. The more knowledge the addict and alcoholic have of their disease the better of they are and the same goes for the family. Recovery and the family are very integral to any addict or alcoholics life.