5 Signs You Are An Addict

5 Signs You Are An Addict

This may seem funny or obvious to some people but, when in the tight grip of a drug addiction, it can be hard to see what is really going on. Addiction is an insidious condition that can sneak up on you and before you know it, that recreational drug use you like to call “partying” has become a full-blown addiction. Often referred to as denial, it’s like the saying goes, “you can’t see the forest for the trees.” Here are five telltale signs you are an addict.

5 Signs You Are An Addict: Tolerance

You find that you need more and more of a substance or substances in order to achieve the same effect that you used to get when you first started using. This means that you have built up a tolerance to the drug or drugs.

5 Signs You Are An Addict: Dependence

If you try to stop or go too long without drugs, you experience symptoms such as nausea, restlessness, insomnia, depression, sweating, shaking, and anxiety. You find that you need to take drugs to avoid or relieve these withdrawal symptoms. This is known as physical dependence.

5 Signs You Are An Addict: Loss of Control

You can no longer reel yourself in or limit your drug use; you’ve lost control over it. You often tell yourself you won’t use but then find yourself using or using more than you had planned. You may want to stop using, but you feel like you are unable to stop. In a word, powerless.

5 Signs You Are An Addict: Obsession

You spend a lot of time and money using and thinking about drugs, and figuring out ways to get them, and recovering from their effects. You start to realize that your life revolves around your drug use. This is the psychological dependence of being an addict.

5 Signs You Are An Addict: Lack of Interest

You’ve abandoned activities you used to enjoy, such as hobbies, sports, and socializing, because of your drug use. You don’t spend time with friends or family, instead, the only people, if any, that you hang out with are now your “using” buddies. One of the most obvious signs you are an addict to others is that you have an overall lack of interest in life.

5 Signs You Are An Addict: Consequences

You start experience a number of different consequences: health, financial, social/relationship, even legal, yet you continue to use drugs. Despite knowing it’s hurting you, you simply cannot stop your drug use. It’s causing major problems in your life—blackouts, infections, mood swings, depression, paranoia, loss of your job, drug-related arrests—but you use anyway.


The good news is that drug addiction is a condition that is treatable. If you or someone you love is showing signs of being an addict, there is drug treatment available for substance abuse and addiction. You don’t have to go on suffering. Recognizing the signs you are an addict is the first step in getting help and getting your life back on track.








What Can Molly Be Cut With?

What Can Molly Be Cut With?

what can molly be cut with

The term Molly refers to pure MDMA, which is a drug known for enhancing physical sensations. That is, the sense of touch is heightened, taste is altered and may seem different from the norm, and many people say that music sounds better. In general, there is an awareness of the moment and contentment with being in the moment.

After coming down, molly users experience the blues, also called Suicide Tuesday, but there are other more serious consequences. The involuntary jaw clenching that many users experience while high on molly can cause damage to their back teeth. Also, there have been numerous cases of Molly-induced hepatitis and, more seriously, liver failure. People who repeatedly take molly may also suffer from a range of psychological problems, like paranoia, anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia and nightmares.

Molly Is Not Always Pure

Because molly is a powder in substance and might be sold in capsules, it can be cut, or mixed with virtually anything. Cutting, or stepping on, the product is a practice among drug dealers in order to spread out the amount of the actual drug so as to increase profit. This results in the dilution of the drug, since it’s been mixed with other things, and therefore a less intense high.

Like other powder-like drugs, molly can be cut with anything from other less-expensive drugs to everyday, household items. Therefore, you can run more risk by taking molly because it is difficult to know the purity of the product as well as the possibility of side effects and interactions you may experience from whatever molly is cut with.

What Can Molly Be Cut With: Meth

Some people will describe an experience on molly that was different from other times in the past and since. They say they got a “speedy” batch, experiencing a much harder come-down where they crash for a couple of days afterwards. Likely, the molly they got was cut with meth or some other amphetamine.

What Can Molly Be Cut With: Heroin

Although unlikely because it just wouldn’t be profitable to do, I have heard stories of Molly possibly being cut with heroin. For some people, the idea of this is pretty scary but, if you think about it, heroin and molly are equally as scary. So why suddenly discriminate what it is you’re willing to put into your body?

What Can Molly Be Cut With: Everyday Items

Again, because it comes in a powder form, molly can be cut with anything else that resembles it, such as baby powder, laxatives, or baking soda. Most likely, you won’t really notice if this is the case except if you snort it or taste it first. Also, the main indication that your molly was cut with one of these substances or something like them is that your high will not be as intense as you are used to or were expecting.

So, what can molly be cut with? Anything you can think of really. Your best bet is to get a drug-testing kit so that you can be sure of what it is that you’re about to put in your body.